There are lots of types of cookies in which vary in color and size. They are a well known family treat for children and best eaten with milk or straight out of the oven. The most famous type of cookie is chocolate chip. Here’s a link to make a delicious chocolate chip cookies: Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Cookies are a desert that are eaten all year round especially on holidays they like to decorate them to look festive.

Popular Types of Cookies:

Chocolate Chip Chocolate Chip Christmas Cookie Christmas Cookie Sugar Cookie Sugar Cookie Milk and Cookies Milk and Cookies
Cookie Orders
Days of the Week
Cookies M T W T F S S
Chocolate Chip 60 50 78 67 100 159 67
Oatmeal 39 40 47 36 62 70 57
Peanut Butter 39 40 47 36 62 70 57
Snicker Doodle 52 62 49 54 91 87 63